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Clients Feedback

As a Counsellor / Therapist, building a therapeutic relationship with my clients so they feel able to share their story is very important to me. Here are a few feedbacks received from clients who have successfully completed therapy with me.

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Mandy B- December 2023

Henzy made me feel comfortable from our 1st session. Very understanding. Thank you Henzy x


Liza L - October 2023

Henzy provides an excellent service. She ensured we stayed focused on the topics of work I identified. She is compassionate yet firm. She has clearly accrued a lot of experience and has seen a range of situations and people, which make her adapt at dealing with patient's issues.


James W- August 2023

Really enjoyed my sessions with Henzy. A lovely lady who gave really useful tools and mechanisms to cope with the issues I've been having. Made me feel very relaxed and I can definitely say she's had a great impact on myself. Highly recommended!


Rhys - July 2023

Henzy, you created such a warm and safe environment, allowing me to be comfortable with sharing my thoughts and feelings. You’ve helped me view things in a different light and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and support. Thank you Henzy!


December 2021 - Anthony P

"Henzy is nothing short of amazing. She has the special ability to cut to the heart of the matter in a very direct, personable and professional way. As she works with you she will actively listen to you and provide you with the much needed tools for you to find the keys to your inner kingdom and happiness. Henzy has helped me to find hope and happiness in a situation where I was beginning to lose hope and dwell in desperation. She helped bring focus, clarity and understanding to my circumstances and comes very, very highly recommended indeed. If you are ready to do the inner work, you will find none better than the embodied miracle in this woman."


December 2021 - Julia KP

"The pandemic has brought so many adversities to my life that I needed to take action and start caring for my inner self and focus on my wellbeing. I was under the impression before meeting with Henzy online that it would take a miracle for anyone to fix the broken parts of my life. I hoped for the best but was unsure how what I wanted could ever be possible. After my first session with her, I finally realised the power of counselling. I had visited other counsellors but my experience with Henzy was different, special and something I knew was the right decision. Her no nonsense, but careful, mindful, respectful, warm and professional approach to the areas I needed to work on was spot on. She has carefully peeled back the layers of my childhood, teenage years and adult hood and met me now in my 40s, realising that I have a lot to learn about myself. I've been seeing Henzy now for a number of months and I say with my hand on my heart that she worked the miracle and still is. She has changed things in my life that I never thought were possible and has literally made me feel as though I have won the well-being lottery! I've recommended her to friends and family members who have all echoed my sentiments. Both my husband and I see her on occasion as a couple and it's truly one of the best investments and decisions I have ever made. I plan on regularly having 1:1 sessions for as long as I can as counselling is an underrated part of life that people need to appreciate and invest in. If you are reading this and were unsure about counselling before, I hope that my words have inspired you to pick up the phone or shoot an email. The beginning of the rest of your life starts with Henzy."


December 2021 - Nene C.

"Henzy is knowledgeable, understanding, kind and relatable. The idea of spilling one's mental mess to a stranger is daunting, but Henzy made the experience one I will happily go through again if ever in a mental knot again."


November 2021 - Linda M.
"Henzy and I had about 6 or so sessions together and they have been greatly beneficial to me! She provided me a comforting environment and the space to speak through my thoughts and emotions and also provided me with the tools to work through the issues I was experiencing. I would say I am in a better place compared to before I started my sessions with her."

August 2021 - Tia R.
"I completed a short therapy course with Henzy, during the pandemic especially it was lovely to have such a wonderful, compassionate and understanding being to listen and talk to. It can be nerve racking when you are talking about things that have affected you but Henzy provides such a warm and open space for her clients. She describes things in such ways that will stick with you forever and for that I am truly grateful. I would highly recommend Henzy's services, she Is professional and on time too. She has been a great support and I am very grateful. Thank you!! If I would need a counselling support again in the future I would not hesitate to contact Henzy again. Wonderful service!"

May 2021 - Nadine. A
"I have really enjoyed speaking to Henzy over the last couple of months. I have found her service to be very professional and I have appreciated the way she has listened to me and helped me work through my feelings, emotions and actions. I have found her method of therapy to be very useful, as she has provided me with practical tools to deal with and manage certain situations. I have used both her individual and couple services and I would highly recommend her! Thank you again Henzy for all of your support."

May 2021 - Olivia. S
"Lovely and a very understanding counsellor. I felt heard and listened to. Henzy is very experienced and she validated everything I had to say during our six sessions together. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is needing guidance in life when one is feeling low. She's also extremely reliable and has boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem. I'm finally understanding the journey into becoming emotionally independent."

April 2021 - Angela G.D
"Henzy is incredibly professional, both in her approach and methods of helping me to come to terms with being a survivor. It was my time to challenge the long-standing impact of this on my life, and I feel much more confident and able to look forward to a richer and more fulfilling future without the burden of this 'cloud' perpetually hanging over me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Henzy if you feel that you need someone to help you talk through any situation, but intrinsically, one that actively enables you to make those positive changes too."

March 2021- Wande A
"I started therapy for the first time ever, and I'm so pleased I did. With the help of Henzy, she helped me analyse and better deal with traumatic childhood and difficult characters in my life. I can't believe my sessions are over, but her words of encouragement and explanations will forever remain in my head and heart to get me through life. Highly recommend her and she'll be missed."

March 2021- Vongai. A
"I was hesitant about beginning the counselling process to begin with however Henzy made me feel very comfortable to be able to be open with her. The first session alone brought me insight into some things that I wasn’t ready to say out loud! Let alone discuss in detail. Each session following this was equally insightful and productive. Henzy is empathetic and a good listener. She empowers you with the tools to be able to identify and alter patterns of behaviours which may be destructive/ toxic. I would have loved to continue working with Henzy but I would like face to face sessions however as we are from different parts of the country unfortunately my journey with Henzy has to end here! I am forever grateful for all that you have helped me realise and begin to heal. Thank you Henzy"

March 2021- Destiny. A
"Thank you Henzy for providing a safe, warm and welcoming space to share and work through my issues. It was a moving and beneficial experience which gave me some important insights."

February 2021- Precious. A
"Hello Henzy. Hope you are well, I was thinking about my therapy sessions and upon reflection I recognised that I have made huge amounts of progress (with many thanks to you!). I was not expecting this progress so soon. I am very grateful for all you have done for me and will not hesitate to contact you in the future if more sessions are needed. Thank you so much. Many thanks.

January 2021- Precious. A
"An Excellent Service. Henzy really helped me in improving my self esteem in such a short amount of time (5 weeks). She used a range of techniques in order for me to get to terms with my feelings and I am very grateful to her. I always looked forward to our weekly sessions and she was a great listener. I would definitely recommend counselling from Henzy."

January 2021- Patricia. R
"Henzy is a great listener. She is both supportive and challenging in balancing her role as a Counsellor. She uses all the 'tools in the box.' I felt she understood what I was going through but also challenged some of the assumptions I had about myself and others, helping me to move forward."

November 2020 - Vickie
"I am very grateful for the outcome over the past 10 weeks working with Henzy. I could not appreciate more the time and effort she has put into talking, listening and guiding me in a positive mental state. Would highly recommend to friend, family or even people asking for help."

September 2020 - Jason
"Due to a recent unexpected traumatic bereavement I was put In touch with Henzy through a bereavement counselling charity. I have just finished my 10th session and I am completely different from when I started. I was in a very desperate dark place. I have never been through counselling or suffered mental health issues before. Henzy allowed me to say anything I wanted and also helped with prompting questions to help me think. Henzy also gave me time to express and recover when my emotions took over. This was my first experience of counselling and how this has helped me I can't recommend Henzy enough. I really didn't think I would still be here today. The pain was so much but Henzy understood. I can't thank you enough.

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